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Zoria: Age of Shattering is a story-driven, party-based Classic RPG with base and character management. The player has control of its own base and a large roster of characters, adding a tactical layer to Every action taken. Explore the beautiful lands of Zoria, from mountains to the ocean, towns and dungeons, follow the story and discover all its secrets. Your outpost is your base. By upgrading and expanding your outpost, you get access to better facilities and the ability to influence more of the world around you while leveling your followers gives you the ability to explore deeper, further into the unknown.


Zoria. Home. Mother of all her inhabitants. She provides her children with food to grow, shelter to rest in and also, the harsh lessons of life, so her offspring may learn to fight and protect her gifts to them. But men, men wanted more. Zoria’s finest sons and daughter: intelligent, resourceful… violent. Men turned her ores into sword and daggers, and her roots into vile concoctions of poison. Men wanted more. They craved more land and more food. So they build their homes of stone and wood, driving out the wildlife of its woods and caves. And in those caves they find their instrument of defiance: zerrium.


  • Explore a rich, immersive and diverse world: beautifully crafted environments, featuring dense forests, haunting dungeons, golden deserts and many more.
  • An epic story driving your experience, with rich and expansive lore. Discover the hidden tales and stories that live on through the people of Zoria and your own companions;
  • Tactical, turn-based combat. Encounters vary from the easily manageable to the ones that require a little more care and wise management of the available abilities. The combat itself is a mix of old and new, as it is turn-based but not grid-based, allowing for a greater freedom of movement and gameplay speed.
  • Plan your moves or just enjoy the ride - a game experience suited both for players eager to just explore and adventure, as well as for those who want a challenging combat with a strong emphasis on strategic thinking and planning.
  • Survival system - resource management and, yes … hunger. Making camp and resting will restore health, vital resources and even cleanse a few negative effects. But resting is only available if the party has the necessary supplies. So, keep an eye for items around you that could provide supplies.
  • Environment-specific abilities: in Zoria, some places are only accessible by using some of your follower’s abilities and each class has a different environment-specific ability. Depending on the party, some areas may not be accessible and only returning with a different setup can ensure all areas are explored.
  • Easy to learn crafting system with dozens of unique potions, epic weapons and other curious recipes that can be found throughout the world.
  • Elaborate character management: class and character upgrade system, unique skills both in combat, and during exploration. A wide array of character builds for each class will allow you to approach an encounter in your own way.
  • Complex base management: build new facilities, upgrade buildings, manage resources and expand your base;


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Tiny Trinket Games is an independent studio, based in Bucharest, Romania. We are a passionate group of developers with a rich background in all aspects of game development and a fancy for old school gameplay. "Here at Tiny Trinket Games we strive to make games that are first and foremost fun to play but also challenging and rewarding for the player that is skilled enough to complete them. We make primarily PC games but always keep an eye on new platforms and technologies." Tiny Trinket Games is currently developing Zoria: Age of Shattering, a classic RPG with strong tactical elements and base management.

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Zoria: Age of Shattering Credits

Stefan Nicolescu
Game & Level Design, Tiny Trinket Games

Stefan Nitescu
Business & Production, Tiny Trinket Games

Gabriel Ivanica
Development & Technology, Tiny Trinket Games

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