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june 2018

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Armies of undead, flying sharks and the price of immortality. Azuran Tales: Trials is a brutal platformer with RPG elements, challenging combat and merciless enemies. Journey across the World of Azuran as you discover its beautiful levels, expansive lore and unravel the mystery of Magrath. But don't expect an easy journey as you explore this world full of lore, monsters, traps, and unique bosses. This game is straightforward and hard to beat so you will be forced to learn and adapt or fail and die each and every time! Explore the secrets and mysteries of the world of Azuran. Face the trials put forward by Magrath, where death is never the end, just a moment of respite. For Drukandra will not let you find peace until the Amulet is restored. Drukandra, the God of the Dead, Ruler of the Underworld, found your soul worthy for his quest. After granting you his blessing, you are sent to hunt down Magrath, an entity shrouded in mystery, who wields great power and wishes to claim the world of Azuran as his own. Only by finding the hidden pieces of the Amulet of Valur can you bring this foe down but doing so won't be easy. Deadly traps and villainous enemies await you for Magrath knows you are coming, and he will not make things easy for you!


Tiny Trinket Games started developing Azuran Tales: Trials in November 2017 from the idea of returning to the roots of platformer gameplay, not as much in terms of graphics as in terms of gameplay, in terms of how playing a game made the player feel. The intention was to return to that feeling of accomplishment that we've had upon finishing a level or defeating a boss as well as the surprise of discovering new levels and new environments as the story progresses. Having started on the path of Azuran Tales with our ongoing RPG project, The Outpost, currently in development, the decision was made to expand on the universe with the story of Trials. The story for Azuran Tales: Trials is totally independent but adds unique depth and insights into the universe of Azuran Tales. We decided to focus on a complete story, following the trials of Merius, a Battle Cleric - the main story of the game, and add additional classes and story lines later.


  • A modern take on the classic side-scrolling gameplay;
  • Deadly gameplay: 15 handcrafted and increasingly difficult levels where you encounter deadly mechanics and increasingly powerful traps. Engage in nerve-shattering battles with split-second reaction speed. Face the trials and follow Magrath’s path in the world of Azuran and beyond;
  • Discover the world of Azuran: explore vast, diverse environments – haunting dungeons, intricate caves, floating cities, cursed temples and all the dangers lurking within;
  • Battle Cleric class gameplay and storyline: Evolve your character with powerful new abilities and spells with choice-based character progression. Gather and use powerful scrolls fitting your combat style. Follow Merius storyline and gather revealing lore about the world and its dangers;
  • Fight to the death and beyond: brutal boss fights where you face ferocious beasts, sinister magic-wielders and defeat ancient threats on your path to completing the Amulet of Valur.


Trailer YouTube

Trailer YouTube


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  • " Azuran Tales is a title that wears its difficulty as a badge of pride, while still giving players more than just sore thumbs."
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Tiny Trinket Games is an independent studio, based in Bucharest, Romania. We are a passionate group of developers with a rich background in all aspects of game development and a fancy for old school gameplay. "Here at Tiny Trinket Games we strive to make games that are first and foremost fun to play but also challenging and rewarding for the player that is skilled enough to complete them. We make primarily PC games but always keep an eye on new platforms and technologies." Tiny Trinket Games is currently developing Zoria: Age of Shattering, a classic RPG with strong tactical elements and base management.

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Azuran Tales: Trials Credits

Stefan Nicolescu
Game & Level Design, Tiny Trinket Games

Stefan Nitescu
Business & Production, Tiny Trinket Games

Ionut Sima
Development & Technology

Cristian Madalin Dragomir
Story and Lore, Freelancer

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